The history of taxi transport is long and varied; today there are a variety of different means for riders to get from one place to another by way of the standard yellow taxi cab to luxury sedans or limos, to the new taxi on demand concept with individual using their private vehicle for ridesharing. In all, drivers are employed or independent contractors as they usually call them, have remained the backbone or force for all these transportation companies and the for an industry who for long have made their fortune on the hard and dedicated work of these drivers who generally work their whole life and barely able to provide for themselves and families even after retirement.


Today, innovation to better serve the community of riders within the transportation industry facilitates riders to request and pay for rides right at the tip of their fingers. On the other side of receiving requests made by individuals seeking rides, an excited group of community drivers among them professional, college students or regular folks look forward to provide ride with their private vehicles.

As the ridesharing industry is growing strong because of the curiosity and flexibility for individuals to earn extra buck, many of these drivers are quick to realize that companies are making billions every year while drivers continue to work long hours week after week and unable to provide for themselves and their families. This is changing as a group of local investors made of local professionals, former drivers and riders of the ridesharing industry come together to create an alternative mobile platform,


The Team behind TAPP4!

Rose F. Germain-Dorcely


Rose is an alumnus of College of Dupage with a career in business and accounting. In 2006, she has co-founded SRM marketing, a business development firm with thousands of ISO’s around the united stated providing merchant services. Since 2007, Rose has joined the federal government. She started TAPP4 in May 2015 with a mission to empower taxi drivers to be not just their own boss but to build consistent and sustainable earning opportunity for themselves and families. Rose is married and have three children.

Riddler W. Dorcely,


Mr. Dorcely is the passionate, visionary behind TAPP4. Mr. Dorcely holds a bachelor degree in biology from Salisbury State University and receives his training and a doctorate degree in chiropractic medicine at NUHS, formerly known National College of Chiropractic. For 15 years, He has built a name for himself as health planter, another way of saying (He helps you build your clinic and you buy him out later). This approach of entrepreneurship has helped Mr. Dorcely over the years to diversify himself with his talents and skills in sales and marketing. He is the co-founder of SRM marketing, a business development firm in health and merchant service. Over 100 ISO, trained and developed, Mr. Dorcely has built a significant portfolio of over $50 million in sales revenue over 15 years. A passion to always take it to the next level, Mr. Dorcely is redefining the concept of “safety and opportunity” in the ridesharing industry. For the past two years, He has put together a dynamic team to take his vision globally.
A dynamic couple and business partners, Dr. Dorcely And Rose together have three beautiful children.
"Safer Ride, Better Opportunity"

Rahul Sharma


Maria G. roe

Business dev, Spec

Ludwig Leblanc

Chief Legal officer/CFO

Dr Daniel Desrivieres

Investor relations, Chair

Alain Moudji

Board Director

Ellsworth Campbell

Board of Director


App available for Android and Iphone.